Finding the Third Route

June 1, 2016

Have you ever tried to think of a blog post topic? Its pretty tough! I mean unless you are a celebrity, avid fashion blogger or some motivational guru. As a third (almost fourth) year Commerce student, I wouldn’t say I fall under any of those categories. So it took me awhile to think of something unique I could share. So here goes:


Back in the end of my grade 12 year, I felt done with high school, not ready for Uni and at a loss of what to do next. So I did some research on a third route, a “gap year”. This is a year off between high school and university where you take the time to pursue whatever adventure you feel compelled to seek. Although unconventional in North America, it’s super common over in Europe. As you can guess, I took a chance and decided to do it.


I took time in that year to do a bunch of firsts; first full time job, first budget, first non-school related course, first blog, first solo travel trip across Canada and Australia, first time surfing, first time hiking through Australian jungle; the list goes on. This was a specific time in my life where I could take the time to do what I truly wanted to do and not what I felt I had to do. As a result, I gained personal experience in finance, work and interpersonal relationships that allowed me to approach university and other challenges in a new way.


So what’s the point? If you’re in DECAU, you’re obviously not a high school student looking for university advice. My point is to recognize the value in taking time to pursue what you want to do, not what you have to do. Whether this is a year long endeavour in the form of a “gap year” or the choice to take a super crazy class like “Witch-hunts and Popular Culture” (real UOG class). Whether it’s having the guts to do an exchange across the world, or simply the choice to join a club that looks cool ( The point is, it was hard to see the benefits of doing something unconventional, but taking time to pursue a personal adventure, developed my personality, my relationships, and my resume.


Think about it!



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