Passion and Its impact on your growth

June 14, 2016


Passion. It means to feel strongly about something. However, I like to think it is more than that. It’s lighting up when conversing with someone about it. The need to talk about it all the time. Often times it can define a person.


For me, I found cars not only to be a hobby, but my passion. I discovered this at quite a young age as I was always surrounded by cars. Although during high school I thought it was sports, so I put all of myself into playing football. Then, I realized something was lacking. Needless to say, I began to take a more serious interest in cars. It consumed me. I wanted to learn how they worked, the different types, and which ones were the best.


Cars became a way I could bond with people. I bonded with my dad over his Mustang, my cousin over his love for GM and my love for Ford, and with an executive at my work over his passion for cars and his mustang. I found I could relate to just about anyone who has had any exposure to the car scene. The term “car guy” is not just a label but it is also a group of people that can simply connect.


I am extremely fortunate to be able to work at a company in the automotive industry. Not manufacturing, but fleet management. Most people don’t know what that is and nor did I when I first started but it allowed me to learn more about cars and what they do for people and companies.


Passions help us become relatable to one another. They can be a form of communication. They can help someone come out of their shell. If you stay curious you’ll eventually find what makes you happy and it’ll become your passion. Remember, with curiosity you’ll find passion and passion breeds talent.


I’ll leave you with this. Someone once told me that “Everyone applying for a job has the qualifications. It is what else you bring to the table that can differentiate you.” Passion is a great way of displaying what makes you unique. If you can demonstrate that you have a passion for something. Anything. It could be cooking, knitting, running, or in my case, cars. The interviewers and hiring managers may say “Hey, all these people are qualified, but this person brings something extra to the position and can build rapport with our current employees”.


While writing this the quote of the day on Forbes was “Being busy in effective pursuit of your passion is one of the keys to happiness” by Connor Young, the founder of Ample. Although I have no idea who this guy is, I couldn’t agree with his quote more.


So go out and find your passion! If you already have, then great! Immerse yourself in it!


Enjoy the chase and define yourself with what makes you happy!

I hope you enjoyed ☺




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