September 20, 2016


There is a new approach to recruitment in DECA U Guelph this year! It is unlike the previous years which you may or may not have experienced. Our organization wants to show our first impression to you, the delegates, through recruitment. It is our opportunity to show our culture, our personality and the chance to ‘woo’ and ‘wow’ you guys. We don’t just want you to join DECA to beef up your resume, we want everyone to feel welcomed, feel excited, appreciated and surprised at the opportunities that are presented to you. We want everyone to work hard, play hard and most importantly, be dedicated this upcoming DECA year. 


At DECA U Guelph, we are utilizing social media to recruit in more ways than ever this year!  It is our way to communicate and display our organization to you. If you haven’t liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, or added us on Snapchat, you could be missing out on important information that you will need to be successful in this DECA year. 


One thing that we test here at DECA U Guelph when I’m meeting the delegates for the first time is the Handshake Test. It seems very simplistic but it tests your character in the first three seconds of when we meet. Avoid a weak, or ‘deadfish’ handshake, which shows your disinterest in being here. You want to engage into the handshake, by not being too aggressive or weak.  One way of avoiding these common mistakes is by trying to emulate your handshake as best as you can. If you pay attention to the handshake, the next time you see that specific person, the test will be easier as you now have better judgement on what to expect. 

This year at DECA U Guelph, we've made a few changes to the provincials attendance requirements. Everyone who wants to attend has to go to a minimum of 5 training sessions this fall semester, and submit an application explaining why they want to attend. We are only taking a maximum of 150 delegates to provincials so make sure you attend the training sessions, attend the events and sign up as soon as possible. It is on a first come, first serve basis!! 


I hope you enjoyed my take on DECA U Guelph’s ideology of recruitment. I hope to see some new faces at the DECA events.

Thank you for listening!


Kyle Wood
Director Of Delegate Experience 




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