The Importance of Attending Events

October 31, 2016

Why should you attend DECA events, you ask? There are many, many reasons as to why you should attend our events. For starters, events are an excellent opportunity for face-to-face interactions with your fellow delegates. Coming out to our events allows for all the delegates to get to know one another and establish relationships that can last a lifetime. Whether these relationships develop into friendship or as connections within the business world, socializing can benefit us all! As being sociable with one another is a fun aspect of being part of the Guelph DECA team, there are many reasons why you should attend our events (other than the fact that they are a lot of fun!!!!):


  1. First things first, it’s a way to network even if it’s not specifically a networking event. Getting to know fellow business students can be very beneficial down the road in some cases, such as knowing someone to do school work with or someone who could potentially get you a job in the future.

  2. Attending our events is a key way to market yourself. Having your face seen can be a great way to get involved and recognized. It shows that you’re an eager and involved student.

  3. Networking with your fellow delegates can often lead to new friendships, or getting new experiences with people who have different perspectives than you. You may have the chance to meet someone who will be a friend for life.

  4. It’s a unique way to learn and be motivated by event speakers. It’s a way to learn outside of the classroom. For example, at our upcoming internal case competition delegates will have the chance to put themselves into a problem solving situation, as well as a teamwork situation. You will have the chance to learn what different delegates have to bring to the table in terms of ideas, experiences, and creativity.    

  5. Lastly, it’s a chance to develop stronger personal skills. Attending our events can throw you into a social setting where you get to know those at your table, in your group, or those attending the event in general. You could have the opportunity to take on a leadership role, or even enhance your teamwork skills. 


Most importantly, everyone on DECA U Guelph wants you to attend our events, you won’t regret it! 

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