"What Now?": Post Provincials 2017

January 25, 2017

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend! Congratulations delegates on another successful Provincials event. Each one of you should be proud for your accomplishments this weekend.


DECA U Guelph would like to start by congratulating our medal winners:

  • Mathew Miranda, who brought home a medal for Tourism Management role play;

  • Sam Makovnyk who won for Accounting written exam;

  • Emily Kaldis for her amazing role play in Human Resource management;

  • Our SEED team; Daniel Kolominsky, Saul Sanchez and Stefan Karpowicz for third place overall;

  • Jacqueline Simard who took home three medals for written test for role-play and overall.


After an amazing weekend like this you might be thinking:


“What now?!”


            … is probably the most common question you face in your life. From being accepted to university, to choosing to come to the University of Guelph, to choosing to become a member of DECA U Guelph; the aftermath of Provincials ’17 is no different. As an executive, delegate, or maybe even an innocent bystander, what do you do now?


            Well, as an executive, you can (and, most definitely should) choose to reapply for either another executive position with DECA U Guelph or take on the challenge of applying directly to DECA U Ontario! Your options are endless. Either way, we want you to feel welcome to come back and be part of the team!


            As a delegate, maybe it’s time you step up and take on an executive role! There are so many different positions that any member in any major could fill! You also have your network to maintain! Send an email, LinkedIn message, a Facebook comment, or even double-tap an Instagram photo of a fellow DECA-er that you met this weekend at provincials! Because, even though you may have walked away without a medal, you gained something even more valuable – a connection! These connections are your true trophy that says “I came, I saw, I conquered”.


            And as an innocent bystander… Hello, what are you waiting for?! It doesn’t matter if you’re a biomedical sciences student or a philosophy major. We even take the engineers! DECA U Guelph has so much to offer you by way of building your confidence, presentation, and networking skills, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason to say: “why not?”



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