Let's Get Down to Business

August 1, 2017


If there was one thing I noticed since having completed my first year of university, it is that what you practice in university leads to success in the world of business. Having said that, I have come up with 3 tips that I believe are very important when trying to achieve success. Enjoy!


1. Have confidence

There's nothing that shows a lack of confidence more than a soft handshake, a monotone presentation or the sound of uncertainty. It's human nature to be nervous before a test, business meeting or presentation, but you have to try to dig down and find the confidence you need. Strive to be bold. A confident businessman or businesswomen has good posture, appropriate body language, aren't afraid to engage with an audience and are professional in their word choice and tone of voice.


2. Be prepared

Preparation is crucial when trying to achieve confidence. If it's an interview or a meeting, take the time to do some background research and become familiar with the content you are presenting. Go over talking points and rehearse what you want to say. It's even a good idea to present to a smaller audience and use their feedback to adjust what your going to say before the big day. Maybe it's an exam or test, make sure you take time to organize yourself and have a concrete plan that is balanced and attainable!


3. Network

One of the biggest aspects of business is networking. Be sure to take the time to attend events, be confident and be prepared (see what I did there) to ensure you get the best results out of networking. It may be with business professionals that can lead to connections in the industry and workplace, or it can be among fellow students to make friends, establish study groups and create key connections in university. 


I hope you find my 3 tips to success helpful! Thanks for reading!


Mauricio Martinez

Director of Events, DECA U Guelph 2017-2018

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