Introducing... DECA Special Cases!

November 12, 2017

As the days to provincials wind down, it’s almost time to choose your category. If you have a drive for competition and want to be challenged, consider participating in a special case! Before you choose your categories, take time to learn more about these great opportunities, and come on out to our Quiz Bowl tryouts taking place on Thursday, Nov 16 in MINS 300 from 5:30pm-7:00pm


DECA Quiz Bowl (DOB):


Do you work well under pressure? Do you love the thrill of competition? If so, definitely check out this fast-paced Jeopardy-style competition. This event is one of the most fiery competition at provincials and it is so competitive that we are holding tryouts. Join forces with your friends from all the majors from marketing, human resources, and finances to form an ultimate team and prepare for the DECA U Guelph’s Quiz Bowl tryouts on Thursday, November 16 in MINS 300 from 5:30pm-7:00pm!! The Quiz Bowl will consist of a rapid-fire test of organization (marketing, hospitality, etc) and general knowledge questions. The team who responds correctly and the fastest will gain points and advance in the round robin tournament in teams of 2-4. Prior knowledge and quick thinking skills are a must in this special challenge. This event is highly energetic in a pressurized environment. Even if this is not for you, it’s definitely an event you don’t want to miss.


NOTE: Quiz Bowl competitors may compete in one other individual or team style case but not in any other special cases.


Project Management Challenge (PMI): Winner gets a cash prize of $1000!


The Project Management Challenge allows competitors to apply their creativity to provide original solutions through research and strategy for a unique business issue/topic. This challenge is a team challenge of 2-3 people teams that requires 3 weeks of preparations to develop a 20 minute presentation for provincials.  This case is for those who are up for a challenge as it encompasses all organizational facts of business (finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, etc). To succeed, members should be prepared to endure the length of the case, be incredibly creative, have basic prior knowledge, and be good with numbers. 


Advertising Campaign Challenge (ADC):


If you’re creative and a great team member, the Advertising Campaign Challenge is for you! In groups of 2-4 members, delegates will be required to strategically construct an advertising campaign/marketing plan for one of DECA U’s sponsoring partners. Those with entrepreneurship qualities and marketing skills will thrive in this event. This event will require three weeks preparation, a written report, and a quick 15 minute pitch. Not too keen about on-the-spot thinking? No need to worry! With this event, the presentation is all prepared before hand. In order to succeed, competitors must have excellent prior knowledge, creative ability, and stamina to carry out the project. Some numerical expertise is required as well as a small amount of quick thinking skills.


Startup Pitch Competition (SEED):


Calling all young entrepreneurs! The SEED (Start. Establish. Evolve. DECA.) competition allows those who have an established business or an early stage startup to pitch their venture or idea for funding. Similar to Dragon’s Den, there is no specific industry delegates need to pitch and they have free range to pitch any idea. Along with the pitch, a 10 page summary must be provided as well as a slide deck to be judged. Being concise is key as each competitor only have 3 minutes to present their pitch. Top 3 finalists will move forward to present their pitch at closing ceremonies to gain national exposure, and be provided the opportunity to take their product or service to the next level.


Stock Pitch Competition:


If you’re really innovative, this is the special case for you as it is BRAND NEW this year for DECA U. Many keen delegates have requested this event, and DECA U has responded! In groups of 2-3, participants will have 15 minutes to pitch a stock that they feel is undervalued and on the rise. They must convince investors that they’ll get the most bang for their buck! Having strong prior industry knowledge, a large financial vocabulary, and being up to date on recent news in crucial for success. If you have fast reflexes, work well under pressure, and are creative, you’ve got to be one of the firsts to try this new and exciting event!


Don’t fret! If none of these are for you, traditional team and individual events can still set your competitive drive on high gear. Be sure to check out the Quiz Bowl event and cheer your team members on. Remember to attend weekly training sessions and get ready to thrive at provincials this year!


Julia Uy

First Year Rep, DECA U Guelph 2017-2018


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