How to Choose Your Provincials Category

November 13, 2018

How do I choose a category for Provincials? This is a question that can bring anxiety to any delegate. Provincials may seem to be a long time away but the planning has already started. I have a few ideas to help those of us who struggle with indecision, but first we need to know what is available.


DECA U Ontario offers 17 events at provincials; 7 individual events, 5 team events, and 6 special cases. They are listed below and if you see one that catches your eye click here to learn more about it.


Individual Cases


Corporate Finance

Fashion and Retail Management

Human Resources Management

Restaurant and Food Services

Travel Management

Management Consulting


Team Cases

Business to Business

Business Law

International Marketing

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Marketing Management


Special Cases

Stock Pitch Competition

Start-Up Pitch Competition

Quiz Bowl

Project Management Challenge

Advertising Campaign Challenge

Simulation Case


1. Choose a Category that Relates to Your Major

Now we come back to the original question, how do you pick a category? My first suggestion is to pick based on your major. If you like what you are studying right now (and I hope you do), this is your chance to apply your knowledge in real life. Choosing your category this way gives you an advantage by entering the competition with knowledge of the industry. This advantage has the greatest effect in the Accounting, Corporate Finance and Business Law events.


2. Choose a Category Based on Your Interests

This next suggestion is my personal favourite, pick a category based on your interests. Some events at Provincials are industry specific. The Fashion and Retail Management event, for example, typically focuses on branding and company management in the retail sector.  Are you organized and good with problem-solving? Try the Project Management Challenge. Someone who collects random business facts might enjoy Quiz Bowl. There are a variety of events that you can excel in because of your interests. DECA is the place where you can explore them!


3. Choose a Category Outside of Your Comfort Zone

My last suggestion is to try something new. “Business” covers so many different industries and only DECA allows you to explore each one. Consider the Travel Management event, where you can try your hand in the operations side of a business in the travel and hospitality industries. Or, apply your skills to the Management Consulting event and give advice to a business that needs to make a tough decision. Use your education and experience to give a well-rounded answer in an event outside of your comfort zone.


I hope by now you have an idea of what categories interest you. Whether you have chosen a category or not, the next step is to attend our training sessions and receive feedback to ensure your success. The countdown to Provincials in on, good luck delegates!


Giselle Alexander

Director of Training, DECA U Guelph 2018-2019

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